Different Types of Shower Sets

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Increasingly, homeowners in Singapore are interested in having a shower set installation or replacement done in their home for a relaxing shower, better cleaning, or other reasons. Since purchasing and installing a shower set in Singapore is both time-consuming, expensive, and cannot be changed easily, the property owner would like to ensure that he has selected the right shower products for the property.

Top companies selling bathroom fixtures are manufacturing a wide variety of showers in different designs to meet the requirement and budgets of homeowners. Some of the more popular types of showers in Singapore are described below so that families can choose the right one. 


Rain Shower


Rain shower sets are one of the most popular types of showers in Singapore. Some of the reasons why rain shower sets are so popular in Singapore is because the shower water flow is similar to rainfall, resulting in a spa-like relaxing experience. 

Some factors you need to consider before engaging in a rain shower set installation is the shower head is usually fixed in the ceiling or to the wall using a connecting pipe. The shower head is larger in the area compared to other showers and may be round or square. Some of the top brands are offering variants of the rain shower like massaging rain showers where the pressure of the water from the shower is varied to create a massaging effect. 

In some cases, the rain shower is combined with a hand shower so that the user has more options while taking a shower or cleaning. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of installing a rain shower set are that although the rain shower is relaxing, the water pressure may not be very high. Due to this, the clean shower water will flow mainly on the top part of the body. 


Hand Shower


Many people taking a shower find that they require water at a higher pressure for better cleaning. In these cases, they will prefer to use a hand shower that has a shower head that is connected to the water supply with a flexible hose. This is one of the main reasons why hand shower sets are so popular in Singapore.

The main advantage of using a hand shower is that it is easy to adjust the position of the shower head so any area can be easily cleaned using water. Most of the cheapest showers available consist only of a hand shower. 

The hand shower set is usually kept on a shower rail which is fixed on the bathroom wall, together forming a shower set. In a few cases, it may be possible to adjust the height of the hand shower according to the convenience of the user.

The hand showers are available in different sizes and nozzle patterns depending on the manufacturer. Now, you should know the benefits of installing a stainless steel shower set. For greater durability, they are usually manufactured from stainless steel and are chrome plated, though other non-corrosive metals may be used. They are used extensively in homes with children and women. 


Mixer Shower Set 


Since warm water is more effective in washing away dirt, most families prefer to have a shower mixer installation done. This way, hot and cold water can be mixed to get warm water at the desired temperature. The mixer shower requires a separate supply of hot water and cold water. More benefits of using a shower mixer set include a lever for adjusting the temperature and flow rate of the warm water from the shower mixer. 

For better control of the warm water temperature, property owners are preferring to install a thermostatic shower mixer set. The thermostatic mixer uses sensors to measure the temperature of the cold and water and adjusts the volume of hot and cold water, so that the water flowing to the shower, is always of the desired temperature.

Such showers like the Fidelis Rain Shower Set With Mixer Tap FT-8598 are recommended in homes with children and the elderly since the mechanism will prevent scalding due to high water temperature. 

Thermostatic mixers are expensive compared to manual mixers but are recommended when safety is a major concern. These showers are available in different designs and finish to match the bathroom decor. The mixer shower may be concealed in the wall with only the controls visible or may be exposed for better accessibility. 

Now that you learned everything you need to know about shower mixer sets, you might find that it is a good choice for your home. 


Power Shower


The effectiveness of a shower for cleaning depends to some extent on the water pressure or flow rate. Thus, if you’re experiencing water pressure or water flow problems, it might be a sign that your shower set is up for replacement.

In some areas, property owners find that the water pressure is low due to the main supply or other reasons. In these cases, it is advisable to install a power shower that includes a pump to boost the water pressure and flow rate. 

Such power showers will require a separate supply of cold and hot water which will be mixed together, usually in the pump. The shower also has a provision for adjusting the pressure manually. In some models of power showers, thermostatic controls are used to regulate the water temperature.

Since the pump is inbuilt into the power shower, it is usually more cost-effective and easier to install compared to installing the pump, and shower separately. 

An additional electric power supply connection will be required for the pump used in the power shower although water is not heated in the power shower. The water consumption of the power shower will also be higher compared to rain showers since the flow rate of water is higher. Make sure to keep this in mind, especially if you are on a budget. You can also compare this to the benefits of a water saving shower head. Lastly, one of the many advantages of hiring plumbing professionals for your shower set installation is that they will help you with these technicalities. 


Call A Professional Plumber To Install Your Shower Set

The performance and durability of a shower set will depend to some extent on how well it has been installed. Hence, homeowners should hire the services of trusted and experienced service providers like Rain Shower City Singapore which is one of the most reputed installers of rain showers and regular shower sets as well as shower mixers.

All our plumbing professionals are well trained and use the best plumbing tools, equipment, and supplies for shower installation. For this reason, our customers can be assured of high-quality workmanship. 

We are committed to offering the best quality shower installation services so that it is completed quickly and the customer will not face any installation-related problems. Our experienced plumbing professionals offer free advice on choosing the right type of shower for your home after considering the user’s requirement, space available, budget, and other factors. For any shower-related queries please contact Rain Shower City Singapore. 



One of Singapore’s most popular shower options is the rain shower set which mimics the sound and movement of raindrops to provide a spa-like experience. It is common for the hand shower set to be hung on a shower rail that is attached to the bathroom wall.

Most families choose a shower mixer installation because warm water is more efficient at removing debris. Warm water may be produced by combining hot and cold water in this manner. In order to use the mixer shower, you’ll need two independent water sources: one for hot and one for cold.

When it comes to the power shower, you’ll need to have a separate supply of both hot and cold water, which will be combined in the pump. Manual pressure adjustment is possible in the shower as well.

Our licensed plumbers are happy to help you choose the best shower for your house based on considerations such as the user’s needs, the amount of space available, and your budget. If you have a question about showers, Rain Shower City Singapore is the place to turn to.

Now that you know the different types of shower sets and common types of shower heads in Singapore, it is time to select one that fits your preferences. 


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