5 Common Types of Shower Heads In Singapore

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Using a shower head as part of your shower can give your that feeling of relaxation. One of the best ways to make your shower space more environmentally friendly and aesthetic looking is to purchase a shower head set. There are various bathroom accessories available in Singapore which include such as shower heads with a variety of adjustable settings and configurations (such as attachments for instant water heaters). If you are not sure how to proceed, be sure to contact a professional plumber to help you install a shower set and showerhead. Learn about the different types of shower heads available in the market today.


Fixed Shower Head

A fixed shower head is the type of shower head that is attached to the wall by a shower arm. Similar to other shower heads, if you wish to change the head, you can do so by simply unscrewing and screwing the new head back into the shower arm. This process needs to be done with care to avoid breaking the shower arm.


Handheld Shower


This handheld shower set product is attached to a long hose, and you should place them on the stand when not in use. You can use them like a fixed head, and after removing them from the stand, you can use them like a hose – for cleaning tubs, bathing kids, bathing pets, and more.


Water-Saving Shower

One common misconception about rain shower sets or any other shower sets is that it increases water usage. Actually, there are types of shower heads that can dispense water as small as 1 GPM. This can help you save both energy and water. Most of these showerheads happen to be aerated. These shower heads are also effective with lower water pressure, as they feel as if they are delivering higher than normal water pressure – making it one of the factors you should consider before installing a rain shower set.


Dual Shower Head


Of all the shower set brands available in the market, some are offering dual shower heads. Dual shower heads can bring the benefit of using both handheld and fixed shower heads. You can find them in various designs. Some of these are also integrated and look similar to a single unit through the piece from the inside can be pulled out to be used similar to a wand. These are available in a variety of settings for a spray massage, and you can get them all in one package. Consult with professional plumbing with rain shower set services if you would like to find out more.


Shower slide-bar

After a shower set installation, you may notice the bar comes with an adjustable shower holder. This can easily adjust the shower head height. You can make these heads work perfectly in areas where you might have to use plumbing tools to customize the height of the shower head, making them ideal for family members with different needs. Shower heads are also useful when you want to keep the water level low to keep your hair from getting wet.



There are various types of showerheads available. These include showerheads that are fixed and attached to the wall by a shower arm while other showerheads are hand-held and attached to a long hose. There are water-saving shower heads too that dispense water as small as 1 GPM and can save you both energy and your water bills. As for dual shower heads, these can come with the benefits of using an either handheld or fixed shower heads. The last showerhead type is the sidebar that is mounted on the shower wall, and you can adjust them easily to the shower head height. Whatever shower head you choose, you must keep in mind that it is best to contact a professional rain shower service to install this for you to avoid future unwanted repairs.


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This article was reproduced from Mr Plumber Singapore.