Common Misconceptions About Rain Shower Sets

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A lot of people typically take a bath for cleansing. Taking a shower, on the other hand, gives them a refreshing experience and makes them feel at ease. Hence, this makes them interested in installing rain shower sets wherein the water drops like rain for a relaxing experience. Although a rain shower set makes you feel like you are in a spa at home, potential buyers are concerned about the hearsay with rain shower sets. Most especially about its costs and water pressure. Here are some clarifications about the common misconceptions about rain shower sets:


Having Low Water Pressure


A guide in choosing the right rain shower set for your home is the water pressure. As there is less water pressure falling from the rain shower, people are concerned that it will not clean the body extensively. The user should know that although there is less water pressure from a rain shower and a normal shower, it will not affect the cleaning effectiveness.

If you are looking to opt for an instant water heater with a normal shower or a rain shower, you should ensure that your bathroom ceiling should have a fair amount of space – especially for a rain shower set installation. Compared to a normal shower, a rain shower uses a combination of pressure and gravity to run down water above the person taking a shower. Normal shower taps use pressure only. The rain shower uses more area and the water droplets from it are bigger and do better cleaning. The water pressure will vary depending on if it is used in standard mode or water-saving mode. Less water is flowing and there is low water pressure during the water-saving mode.


Consuming More Water


Water being used will depend on the water flow rate and the time the shower is used. Although, the definite water consumption will vary on the rain shower size. Using the standard mode, the rain shower will usually consume up to 22 liters per minute. Meanwhile, a water-efficient rain shower set like the Fidelis Rain Shower Set Mixer Tap FT-8598 consumes less than 12 liters per minute. The user may spend more time in the rain shower since water droplets gently fall down the rain shower, and it induces relaxation and a spa-like experience. The difference between a rain shower set and a regular shower set is that rain showers have a  higher water consumption, mostly because people use it for a longer time than a normal shower.


Increasing Your Water Bill


A lot of buyers tend to compare the cost of different water tap models or faucets with rain shower set products in Singapore. The price of a rain shower set varies on the selected model, features, quality, and material – these are factors to consider before engaging in a rain shower set installation. Since a rain shower head has a larger area for better coverage, the cost of the rain shower set is typically higher than a normal shower. A rain shower installation is also costly as it should consider the height of the family members. There are some cases wherein the rain shower may go with a hand shower, especially if there are children in families. The water bill directly corresponds to the time spent taking a shower and whether it is set to water-saving shower mode.



Potential buyers are often concerned regarding the common misconceptions about rain shower sets like having low water pressure, increasing water bills, and consuming more water. As mentioned above, this proves to be false as there is information that provides clarity. If you are looking to install a rain shower set for your bathroom, engage plumbing professionals from Rain Shower City Singapore. An advantage to hiring plumbing professionals for your rain shower installation is that they are experts with excellent knowledge about different rain shower services and have years of training and experience.


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This article was reproduced from Tap Faucet City Singapore.