Popular Shower Set Brands in Singapore

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In the last decade, top manufacturers have been developing better shower products in Singapore as well as designs of shower sets that require less water at affordable prices. Hence, more and more homeowners are interested in a shower set installation or replacement that they can afford.

Since purchasing and installing a shower set in Singapore is time-consuming and expensive, most homeowners would like to find out the popular brands of shower sets in Singapore. They compare the prices, features, and other aspects of the shower set and then decide which is the best shower set for their home. Here are some of the most popular shower set brands that homeowners have been choosing in Singapore: 


Fidelis Shower Sets 


Fidelis is one of the top manufacturers of bathroom products including shower sets in Singapore. The company was founded in 2007 and has rapidly grown to develop more than 1000 different products which are well designed and affordable. 

Fidelis Shower Set FSS-56305 

The Fidelis FSS-56305 shower set is one of the most popular and reasonably priced shower sets available. This is one of the reasons why hand shower sets are so popular in Singapore. The wall mounted hand shower has a shower hose which is 1.5 meters in length. Due to this, the user can use it for cleaning anything easily. The mounting of the shower holder can also be adjusted according to the convenience of the user. Moreover, the position of the holder for the hand shower can be changed as required. 

With this shower set, the user can choose between different modes for the hand shower. Additionally, the silver color shower set comes in a chrome finish for greater durability.  This will help you further utilize the advantages of buying chrome rain shower sets.


Rubine Shower Sets


In Singapore and Malaysia, Rubine is one of the most popular home appliance manufacturers since their products are tailored to the local climate and living requirements. Most Singaporean households are interested in getting Rubine showers with heaters because of their remarkable quality and reasonable price. 

Rubine Instant Heater RWH-1388 

The Rubine Instant Heater RWH-1388 includes a hand shower with a diameter of 120 mm. The shower is designed to reduce water consumption. Depending on the bathroom decor, the user can choose between white or chrome-finished black shower sets. You can have this installed by a professional plumber like Rain Shower City. The height of the shower holder can be adjusted between 500-600 mm.

Rubine RWH-2388 Heater

The RWH-2388 Rubine heater has a fixed overhead rain shower and a conventional normal hand shower so that the user has multiple options. The circular rain shower head has a fixed height of 205mm. For greater flexibility while cleaning and bathing, the user can choose the hand shower whose shower head has a diameter of 120 mm while the hose diameter is 17 mm. The hand shower hose is designed to prevent twisting, can be rotated in all directions, and has a durable connector.


Grohe Shower Sets 


Grohe is one of the leading global brands providing a wide range of bathroom solutions using the latest German technology. Their products are popular because of the precise manufacturing and excellent design. They also offer a wide range of shower systems that combine shower heads, hand showers, and body sprays. These also come with an option for users to choose from different spray patterns, pressure for rain showers, and massaging bathing.

The precise thermostatic technology ensures that the water temperature remains the same throughout. The shower head sets and hand showers are available in different colors and finishes like chrome, graphite, and brushed nickel to match the decor and budget of the user. Users can browse the different overhead showers, body sprays, shower heads, hand showers, pressure balance, and thermostatic trims to find the best Grohe Shower Set for their home.


Hansgrohe Shower Sets


Hansgrohe has a variety of shower products to cater to the varying requirements of the customers whose budget and personal preferences will differ. Customers with a limited budget can choose a hand shower and only replace their existing hand shower. In case the handrail for mounting the hand shower is damaged, it is advisable to purchase and install a Hansgrohe shower set. The shower rails which are compatible with the existing design are also available. Shower systems consisting of overhead showers and hand showers are available. 

The homeowner can choose between different types of spray patterns including spray jets for massaging effect and rain showers with a large diameter. The shower heads vary in the number of spray heads. For greater sustainability, the shower systems are designed for low water consumption with some models consuming as less as 6 liters of water per minute.

With these, you will reap the many benefits of installing a water saving shower head. Air is mixed with water in some of the shower systems for reducing water consumption and a more relaxing shower. 



Shower sets that use less water and are more economical have been developed by some of the world’s leading manufacturers in the recent decade. Since this is the case, a growing number of homeowners are looking to have a rain shower set installation that they can afford. Due to the difficulty and expense of obtaining and installing a new shower set in Singapore, the majority of residents are curious about the most often used shower set brands here. In the end, they choose the ideal shower set for their house after comparing costs, features, and other elements.

Some of the most popular shower sets in Singapore are the Fidelis, Rubine, Grohe, and Hansgrohe shower sets. Each has their own unique features. Before having a shower set installed, make sure you know the factors to consider before engaging in a rain shower set installation.  You should assess your budget, the height of the ceiling in your bathroom, and the pressure of the water leaving the faucet.

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