Benefits of Installing a Water Saving Shower Head

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During a 10 minute shower using your old shower head, you may be using more than 200 liters of water. Most of the old showerheads gives an output of over 19 liters per minute of usage. However, if you choose to install a shower set with a water-saving shower head, the average will be nearly 9 liters per minute. Some can get it even lower to about 6 liters. Which is a great difference.

This is why water saving shower set have become very popular in Singapore. There are many reasons for their growing popularity, and we will discover four of them right away.


It Consumes Less Water


This is something we just shared and may seem like an obvious advantage too. However, you will be amazed at how much water you actually can save if you switch to a water-saving showerhead.

A water-efficient shower head uses nearly 40% less water compared to conventional shower heads, and a person can easily save around 68,191 liters of water per year, which really is an advantage when installing a handheld shower head. If you are a family of four, you can save about 272,765 liters per year. Since sources of water are becoming increasingly scarce, every drop you save will be a benefit to future generations.


It Is More Energy Efficient


If you prefer a shower with heater, you must be aware that water heaters use too much energy. If you have the habit of taking frequent hot showers, you also are paying higher electricity bills.

Now, the water heater is controlled by a thermostat. The resistors inside the device continue to heat up until the water inside reaches the right temperature. If the flow of water in and out is high, then the heater will need to work very hard and electricity usage increases. This is a clear sign that you need to replace your existing shower head because if you use a water-saving shower head, then it will minimize the output from your heater. This will keep the water warmer for a longer time, and the electrical resistance here will not need too much energy.


It Is Environmentally Beneficial


Heat-generating devices such as water heaters produce carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. CO2 is normally absorbed by plants and converted into beneficial substances through photosynthesis. However, the levels of CO2 that humans now produce are too much to be completely absorbed.

Excessive accumulation of carbon dioxide and other gases are mainly responsible for global warming. Which is why one factor to consider when choosing the best shower head is a water-saving shower head because it uses less electricity. When less electricity is being used, the output of carbon dioxide is also reduced. Thus, it is a much safer option even as far as our environment is concerned.


It Gives You More Savings

One tip to remember when purchasing the best shower head for your home, is to choose a water-saving showerhead. The costs associated with water treatment are quite high, which also has an impact on water bills. Since water-saving showerheads use less water each month, they will also help you save on your water bills.

Plus, you will be able to save even more if you hire our Rain Shower City Singapore experts. Our experts are popular in Singapore because they provide professional shower head installation and after-sales service.

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It is beneficial to replace a shower set with a water saving shower head because it consumes way less water than any outdated showerheads, it is energy efficient and environment friendly for homes with water heaters, and it gives more savings for homeowners in terms of their monthly water bill. Once you have decided to replace your old shower head, you may contact Rain Shower City Singapore. Our experts have the necessary skills and training to provide quality work for all your shower service needs.


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