10 Advantages of Installing a Handheld Shower Head

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When you had a shower set installation, you picked a showerhead mounted on the wall and thought it was the best. Of course, mounted shower head sets do have their advantages, but what is getting more and more popular in Singapore are hand-held shower heads. Hand showers are versatile as they are convenient, flexible, pleasing, and offer many benefits, which we will now look at in detail.


It Is Useful For Assisted Showering


No matter what the age group of the different members of your family, a handheld shower head (e.g. Fidelis Shower Set FSS-56305) will be ideal for all of them. It allows the disabled and the elderly to take a shower with ease, creating a feeling of self-reliance.

Additionally, the flexibility offered by the hand shower allows the caregiver to conveniently bathe the patient by directing the water exactly where it is needed.


It Is Highly Versatile

Another thing people love about this type of shower head is the versatility it offers. If you prefer wall-mounted traditional showers, you can even mount the hand shower directly on the wall and use it similarly.

What is impressive about the hand shower is that it can be used in different ways. You can use it as a detachable shower head or even as a mounted shower head – just as you find it more comfortable.


It Conserves Water


A fixed shower head wastes too much water, and as a result, it wastes your money too. One benefit of installing a water saving shower head is that you can easily save valuable water and money. Another way to conserve water is by opting to install a handheld shower set.

Using a handheld shower head, you will be able to direct the water exactly where it is needed. This way, you shall save on water bills, and at the same time, the amount of money that goes into heating this water will also be reduced.

Some handheld showers also come with a shut-off switch on the handle. This allows you to shut the water off when you are shaving or lathering, and you can turn it back on when needed. Plus, some hand showers even have low-flow options, allowing you to enjoy the perfect shower experience while using as little water as possible, which is a good factor to consider when choosing the best shower head.

One advantage of hiring plumbing professionals for your shower set installation is that you can save even more. Each of our experts has years of experience and is well-trained. We have installed shower heads in many homes in Singapore and everyone has been very happy with our service and the price we quoted. Not only can we replace and install your new shower head kit, but we can also help you if you have problems with your shower kit in the future.


It Gives You A More Therapeutic Showering Experience

Do your muscles often feel sore, or do you experience body aches from time to time? Well, one reason why hand shower sets are popular in Singapore is that they can prove to be helpful in that area as well. You simply will have to change the mode from shower to the strong massage spray setting and enjoy the experience.

You will be able to enjoy many health benefits such as relief from stress, muscle tension, and joint discomfort. Regardless of the flow rate of the hand shower, you are sure to always enjoy a refreshing and powerful experience.


It Provides Strong Pressure And Multiple Settings

If you are wondering how to choose the right shower set for your bathroom, it can be beneficial to get one that provides the great pressure and power you need in the shower. Thanks to cutting-edge innovations, current hand showers come with a variety of spray settings, including Therapeutic Power Plus Shower Massage, the energizing Power Spray+, Shower Spray, and Body Spray.


It Makes Rinsing More Thorough

The kind of rinsing experience you will experience with a hand shower is very different from that provided by a mounted or fixed shower like a rain shower set. With the handheld, you simply turn on the shower water, use the shower head to lather the soap, and rinse while you shave.

When your children come home after playing outside, they can easily use the handheld showerhead and wash their feet. It is perfect for simple rinsing when you do not want to get fully soaked.


It Makes Cleaning Pets And Kids Easier


Do you keep sending your furry friend to the groomer? Well, now that you have invested in the best shower heads in Singapore, you do not need to do that anymore.

When you use a stationary shower head, it doesn’t provide the right water pressure to clean your furry friend. But a hand shower can help you direct the spray exactly where you need it.

Plus, the best shower heads are a terrific option for kids who are not too fond of the heavy mist and noise of a standard shower set. Handheld showers allow kids to enjoy complete control, and it’s easy for them to learn to bathe themselves. For those kids who still need a little help in the bath, parents can make sure the soap is out of their faces while rinsing their hair.


It Is Less Strenuous To Use

One tip to remember when purchasing the best shower head set for your home is to think of how the family members who are injured, suffering from arthritis pain, are nervous, or have any physical limitations going to shower. The reasoning behind this is that when you have a regular shower set installed in your bathroom to flush the soap off your body, you will have to keep turning around so that the flow of water hits your body properly.

However, when you use a handheld shower head, you simply pull down the hose and pour the water wherever you want to rinse with absolute comfort.


It Helps Wash Hard To Reach Areas

You no longer need to worry about removing thick shampoo or conditioner from your hair. After all, the handheld shower has been created to make such things simple for you. Since you can direct it to the exact area you want, you will not be left with any soap residue.

There are different types of shower sets with a hand held shower head available, and installing one is beneficial. You can easily point the shower head in hard-to-reach areas, such as behind your ears, without turning yourself. Simply direct the flow of the hand shower wherever you want and enjoy a smooth rinse.


It Keeps Your Shower Clean

Your shower doors and the walls may be covered with soap buds, and rinsing it off is surely not easy. When using any handheld shower head, preferably from a popular shower set brand in Singapore, cleaning and scrubbing will become a child’s play. Unlike mounted showerheads, where the flow of water only cleans the walls of your shower, hand-held showers allow you to thoroughly rinse every area you need, anytime, anywhere.



Most Singaporean families have a mounted shower head in their bathrooms. Little do they know that there are significant differences between a mounted rain shower and a shower set with handheld shower heads. Also, there are 10 handheld shower head advantages cited above, and here are the following: it is useful for assisted showering, highly versatile, is more effective in conserving water, gives a more therapeutic showering experience, provides strong pressure and multiple settings. It makes rinsing more thorough, makes cleaning pets and kids easier, is less strenuous to use, helps wash hard to reach areas, and can help keep your shower clean.

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