Reasons Why Hand Shower Sets are Popular in Singapore

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For the best shower experience, consider installing a shower set such as the handheld shower set. Planning to upgrade to a handheld shower set? Do not worry, we are here to help you find the model that is suitable for you. We will go over the reasons why hand shower sets are popular in Singapore and why you should opt for one.


Trouble-free Cleaning Experience


A handheld shower set is connected to a shower tap which provides you with a trouble-free cleaning experience. It lessens your time spent cleaning. Additionally, it also makes cleaning your freestanding bathtub or shower walls easier. Say goodbye to soap scum as these handheld showers connected to the installed shower mixer tap make cleaning them super easy. When using a fixed shower head, you will only be able to clean a fraction of your shower walls. As opposed to when using a handheld shower set, you will be able to rinse every space thoroughly, quickly, and efficiently.


Assisted Bathing

Regardless of their age, handheld showers can be convenient for your family members. It assists the elderly and disabled when they shower and makes them feel self-dependent. This enables them to shower on their own without difficulties. Persons with disabilities are now able to shower while sitting. On the other hand, using a rain shower set might not be able to provide such an experience. Pets at home also benefit from handheld showers, as bathing them is easier and produces amazing results.


Shower Pressure and Spray Settings

It is essential to check the water supply pressure before choosing the right shower tap for you and your family. As compared to a rain shower set, a normal shower set such as a handheld shower set provides the power and pressure you want during your showers. Due to technological advancements, hand showers now come with various spray modes such as shower mist, full-body spray, therapeutic shower massage, and more.


Flexible Shower Hose


A reason why Singaporeans prefer a handheld shower such as the Fidelis Shower Set FSS-56305 is due to the flexible hose attached to it. Due to the hose, showers are now a lot more mobile compared to others. Most people may find the standard 1.5-meter hose insufficient. Thus, it is best to get a longer hose. A 2.4-meter shower hose is ideal and a lot more convenient.


Hand Shower Holder Bracket


When showering, there are times when you need to use both of your hands. These are the times when the shower holder bracket comes in handy. As the holder bracket is attached to the shower pipe, this allows it to hold the shower in place while using it. Certain handheld shower set holders come with a pivot ball – which allows you to adjust the position of the shower.


Variety In Design

There are endless options of handheld shower sets to choose from. However, choosing the right one from various options might be challenging. It is recommended to engage with professional plumbers who have skills and experience in providing rain shower set services such as installing shower mixer sets. They will be able to guide you to find the best shower set for your bathroom. If you are into a vintage-type look, then a retro-styled hand shower is suitable for you. A sleek chrome shower head will be a great pick if you like a more modern style. Once they finish assisting you in finding the showerhead set best suited for you, they will gladly install it efficiently and correctly. 


Shower Set Model

After learning about handheld shower sets, one popular model you can opt for is the Fidelis Shower Set FSS-56305.


Fidelis Shower Set FSS-56305


Since 2007, Fidelis is known to be manufacturing cold water tap products. By 2013, they had expanded their product line to include 1000 other different products such as cold and hot mixer taps, bathroom accessories, commercial toilet products, and many more. Today, they continue to provide amazing products, one of which is the Fidelis Shower set 56305. It comes with a beautiful silver chrome finish, an adjustable mount, a 1.5m shower hose, and an incredible multi-mode selection hand shower. If your shower set is showing signs that it needs to be replaced, consider this shower set model. Once you use this handheld shower set, you will have the most comfortable and amazing experience that you are going to absolutely love.



There are many reasons why a handheld shower set is popular in Singapore. The reasons include showering and cleaning your bathroom easily, showering is made comfortable for the elderly and the disabled, and having more mobility while showering. They also come in various designs and options. If you are opting for a handheld shower set, consider engaging a professional plumber to guide you in finding the handheld shower set that meets your needs. They can also help you install it efficiently and properly.


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