7 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Shower Head in Singapore

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Perhaps, you might see a shower head as just a bathroom fixture, so you do not have to think much about it when buying one. The fact is, depending on the choice you make, a shower head set has the power to ultimately make or break the experience you have. If you truly want to have a refreshing experience each time you shower, consider the six factors below when selecting a shower head.


Shower Head Type


First and foremost, you need to pay attention to the common types of shower heads that you want to install. The options that you have includes –

Wall-mounted shower head

If you choose a wall-mounted shower head, it shall be planted on your bathroom wall. In most cases, the showerhead shall get extended with the help of an arm. As you do have a variety of shower head models to choose from, it is essential to know the factors to remember when purchasing a shower head for your home.

A standard wall-mounted shower head is one of the most common choices. In this case, you will notice that the arm hangs from your wall downwards. You can even opt for the offset-type wall-mounted shower head. Here, the arm gets extended from the wall but goes upward and then curves downwards. It is a perfect choice for those people who are taller than average. Also, you can go for the extended wall-mounted type showerhead. This variant does not require you to be too close to the wall. The shower arm is quite long, and the shower head gets installed right at the end. This allows you to enjoy more comfort compared to the other ones.

Handheld showerhead

The handheld showerhead is also another popular option. If you choose this one, your showerhead shall be installed high up right at the front of your shower, quite like the fixed shower heads. It is different because you can detach this shower head from the base. This allows you to enjoy more freedom and makes it convenient to wash off all parts of your body and even clean your shower or tub – making it an advantage of installing a handheld shower head.

Rain shower head

If you want to enjoy a gentler showering experience, the rain shower heads make a great option. This shower head shall be installed right above the shower and comes with a larger head. This fixture has been created to give you the feel of getting drenched in the rain. People usually install rain showers within the ceiling right above the wall. This kind of showerhead is comparatively more spread out and allows the water to cover more space as it falls on you. Now, if you want to enjoy a gentle, spa-like experience each time you shower, then a rain showerhead is perfect for you.


Shower Head Shape 


If you wish to make your bathroom look precisely the way you want, there are several shower set brands with different shower head shapes to consider. The options that you have includes –

Round and oval shape

These are also called circular shower heads. Style-wise, they are among the most versatile ones. Using them, you can achieve both classic and modern looks, and it depends on the design you select.

Square and rectangular shape

The clean line that this type comes with makes them perfect for contemporary bathrooms. The square and rectangular showerheads offer a rainfall experience owing to their flat and wide shape. Consult with professional plumbing with rain shower set services if you like to find out more.


Water Pressure

The water pressure should be such that you enjoy a nice shower experience. One of the advantages of installing a rain shower set is that it has been produced for a particular range of water pressure. Therefore, it should not be so high that you find it uncomfortable to stay under the shower. The pressure level at which the water flows through your pipes will help decide what kind of water pressure you will enjoy. These shower heads are also effective with lower water pressure when they feel as if they are delivering higher than normal water pressure – making it one of the factors you should consider before installing a rain shower set. If you want the water pressure at a level that is lower or higher than usual, you will be glad to know that shower heads are available that can help you enjoy more control in such cases.


Spray Pattern and Settings

With so many showerheads that you get, you also have many spray patterns and settings to select from. Various handheld showerheads come with different settings that you can adjust and then enjoy the exact kind of showering experience that you want. You can enjoy the four basic settings: targeted, wide, pulsating, and rinse.


Water Efficiency


Water efficiency is another factor you must consider if you are interested only in the best shower heads in Singapore. There are water-saving shower head models available in the market, and one of the benefits of installing a water saving shower head is that it uses less water which can help you save money on utility bills. If the water flow in your house is high, you can opt for flow regulators. They will get installed within the shower head, resulting in lesser water flow. The next option is the aerator shower heads. By combining with air, this one makes you feel like you are enjoying more water than you are using. This kind of showerhead can help you save around 50 percent of water.

One common misconception about rain shower sets or any other shower sets is that it increases water usage. If you want to save water and at the same time want to enjoy the high-pressure flow, then you can opt for adjustable shower heads. Some such shower heads offer a concentrated flow of water through just a few holes. You will feel like you are enjoying a perfect bath, but you will not use any extra water.




One of the factors to consider when choosing the best shower head is your budget. The price range of shower heads and faucets greatly varies. If you want to install a very basic one, which does its job, you can expect to pay quite less. However, if you are interested in various features, styles, and durability the price goes higher. If you want only the best shower heads that are feature-rich and look immensely attractive, you need to be ready to pay a lot higher.

If you enlist the help of professional plumbing with shower or rain shower services, they can help in finding the shower head that best fits your needs. They have the best collection of shower heads to offer from the best brands at competitive price ranges. Not only can they help you select the best shower head, but they can also install it for you efficiently and properly.



There are several factors to consider when choosing the best shower head for your home, such as the shower head type, shapes, spray settings, water efficiency, and more importantly, the price. Make sure to take note of this when buying to avoid confusion that will lead to regret in the future.  Whatever shower head you choose, you must keep in mind that it is best to contact a professional rain shower or shower service to install this for you.


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