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Rain Shower City Singapore provides one-stop supply and installation of the most popular rain shower sets, shower sets, and showers with instant water heaters in Singapore. Our shower products comprise many popular brands including Grohe, HansGrohe, Fidelis, and Rubine. With several years of experience in shower projects, our experienced team of plumbers provides professional & reliable services including rain shower installation/replacement, shower set installation/replacement, and shower mixer installation.  Contact us today for quick and reliable rain shower services, WhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032

Common Misconceptions About Rain Shower Sets

A lot of homeowners in Singapore are thinking of purchasing a rain shower set. To make an informed purchase, here are the common misconceptions about rain shower sets

Having Low Water Pressure

The user should know that although there is less water pressure from a rain shower set it will not affect the cleaning effectiveness. The rain shower uses more area and the water droplets from it are bigger and do better cleaning.

Consuming More Water


Water being used will depend on the water flow rate and the time the shower is used. Using the standard mode, the rain shower will usually consume up to 22 liters per minute. Meanwhile, a water-efficient rain shower set like the Fidelis Rain Shower Set Mixer Tap FT-8598 consumes less than 12 liters per minute.

Increasing Your Water Bill


The water bill directly corresponds to the time spent taking a shower and whether it is set to water-saving shower mode.

Now that you are aware of the common misconceptions about rain shower sets, you must know the reasons why rain shower sets are popular in Singapore. 


6 Reasons Why Rain Shower Sets Are Popular in Singapore

Many homes in Singapore have already got a rain shower set installation in their bathroom, and they absolutely love it. Here are the various reasons why rain shower sets are popular in Singapore:

It Has a Stylish Design


If your good quality rain shower product is installed in a properly decorated bathroom, then it is sure to attract the attention of everyone. Not only will it help make your bathroom look more attractive, but also seem more expensive than it really is. 

It Is Made of High Quality Material


Most common types of shower heads, specifically rain shower heads, are designed using metallic materials which are durable and at the same time, help give your bathroom a sleek and elegant finish. Some common materials used include bronze, chrome, and nickel. 

It Is Highly Relaxing

Another reason behind the popularity of rain shower sets in Singapore is the way it can help you feel relaxed. Also, the sound of rain that the shower imitates will make your experience even more relaxing. These are the advantages of installing a rain shower set

It Can Regulate Water Intensity


The sophisticated rain shower heads can help regulate the intensity of water, and you can choose anything from moderate to hard, and even fast drops. Now, remember this feature can be different in various shower heads, and this is a factor to consider when choosing the best shower head.

It Provides Full Body Coverage

The difference between a rain shower set and a normal shower set is the position, width, and steady stream that a rain shower head offers will cover your entire body at once. 

It Is Easy to Maintain


One more reason behind the popularity of rain shower sets in Singapore is easy maintenance. The manufacturers are aware of the common issues homeowners face with rain shower sets, thus they incorporate silicone rubber nozzles in the showerhead, which makes mineral deposit removal easier. Although, regular maintenance is necessary if you want your showerhead to last you for a long time. 

After being informed about the reasons why rain shower sets are popular in Singapore, you should be able to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of installing a rain shower set. 


Advantages and Disadvantages of Installing a Rain Shower Set

A rain shower set not only allows you to enjoy a rain-like experience at home, but there are also advantages and disadvantages of installing a rain shower set


Your Showering Experience Are Hands-Free


When you arrive at your home after a long and exhausting day, you do not have the energy to move a single muscle. If you have a rain shower set placed, all you have to do is stand under it, switch it on, and enjoy a wonderful rainstorm experience.

It Fully Covers Your Whole Body 


A rain shower set such as the Fidelis Rain Shower Set Mixer Set FL-M87A will cover your whole body with a stream of water that precisely feels like a natural rainfall as it is built to replicate rain. Its rain shower head is larger in diameter to achieve this.

It Gives You Less Shower Time

One of the common misconceptions about a rain shower set is that you will spend the whole day under the showerhead because it feels good and highly alters rain. It is vital to quickly bathe and get ready to go to work. A rain shower set can prove to be a great choice. You can bathe in much less time as a result.

It Has A More Aesthetic Design 


Another advantage of hiring a plumbing professional for your rain shower set installation is that it looks pleasing. You will notice the quick change to the whole bathroom look as soon as you have replaced your old showerhead with a rain showerhead. 


It Is More Expensive 

The cost of the rain shower set in Singapore can be an issue if you have a limited budget. Rain shower heads are usually expensive therefore people do not consider buying them. Some factors such as the material, quality, etc.  affect the price of installing a rain shower set.

It Requires to Re-route The Pipes 

The height of the rain shower is its most common problem – this is a factor to consider before engaging in a rain shower set installation. Rain shower heads are typically mounted in the ceiling to enjoy a natural rainfall effect. To make this setup possible, re-routing the pipe is required and it is a challenging procedure.

It Caters To a Particular Water Pressure Level


One more thing to take note of when buying a rain shower set is taking a look if it has been created to fit a particular range of water pressure. Investing in a shower with heater is useless if you do not have proper water pressure at home. You must first learn about the water pressure in your household before immediately purchasing right away.

Keeping in mind the advantages and disadvantages of installing a rain shower set, there are also factors to consider before engaging in a rain shower set installation. 


3 Factors to Consider Before Engaging in a Rain Shower Set Installation

A rain shower set can imitate the experience of showering in the rain. Before investing in one, there are three factors to consider before engaging in a rain shower set installation:

Bathroom Ceiling Space


Your bathroom ceiling should have a fair amount of space to get a rain shower set installation. The difference between a rain shower set and a normal shower set is that a rain shower is much more comprehensive and comes with a larger diameter.

Outgoing Water Pressure


One of the advantages of installing a rain shower set is that it has been produced for a particular range of water pressure. However, you must keep in mind that a consistent flow of water is required to make the most of your rain shower head. You cannot fully enjoy the benefits of your shower head if the outgoing water pressure is not sufficient.



Another important thing to consider is the factors that affect the cost of installing a rain shower set. Rain shower heads can be quite costly. This can be one of the most expensive upgrades in your bathroom. Nonetheless, it can be worth it since you will be using it daily. 

Once you have considered the factors before engaging in a rain shower set installation, you should recognize the advantages of hiring plumbing professionals for your shower/rain shower set installation.


6 Advantages of Hiring Plumbing Professionals For Your Shower/Rain Shower Set Installation

If you have decided to invest in a rain shower set, you should hire a plumbing professional to install it. Here are advantages to hiring a plumbing professional for your shower/rain shower set installation

You Will Save More Time And Money

Homeowners will also have to invest money to purchase tools and other hardware equipment – a factor that affects the price of installing rain shower sets. Compared to plumbing professionals, they have already invested in the best equipment and have refined the right method for the installation process. 

They Are Professionals With Necessary Experience


Plumbing professionals are very efficient and can perform the installation on different kinds of shower heads quickly without mistakes. This is because they have enough experience and have installed a great number of rain showers.

They Acquire The Latest Plumbing Tools


Purchasing brand new equipment is practical for plumbing professionals since they are performing a large amount of rain shower set installation. Utilizing hi-tech equipment will help in improving productivity, decreasing the time taken for installation, and allowing them to serve more clients daily.

They Offer Great Comfort

Another factor to consider before engaging in a rain shower installation is that plumbing professionals offer greater convenience which saves you the time and effort. 

They Ensure Less Leakages


With their substantial experience in installing different types of shower sets, plumbing professionals shall discover the best way in installing the shower using high-quality materials. This is to ensure there will be no leak or any damage during the warranty period.

They Provide Emergency Services


The shower may fail to work due to water supply issues or accidents, this can cause an inconvenience to household family members as they do not know how to fix it. Plumbing professionals can offer emergency rain shower services if they have enough staff for it – particularly for showers they have installed. 



Rain shower sets are gaining popularity in Singapore because of their stylish design, are made from high-quality materials, and have easy maintenance. However, there are common misconceptions about rain shower sets such as having low water pressure, increasing the water bill, and consuming more water. These prove to be false, in fact, there are many advantages to installing a rain shower set. It gives you less shower time as it fully covers your whole body. It also gives you a hands-free showering experience. 

Nonetheless, rain shower sets come with a few disadvantages as they can be more expensive and require you to re-route the pipes. Your budget, bathroom ceiling space, and outgoing pressure are just some of the factors you should consider before engaging in a rain shower set installation. 

Once you have decided to install a rain shower set, it is advantageous to hire a plumbing professional since they acquire the right tools and equipment and have the necessary experience. Plumbing professionals from Rain Shower City Singapore offer reliable and high-quality services such as rain shower set installation/replacement, shower set installation/replacement, and shower mixer installation. They can also recommend and supply popular rain shower brands that are ideal for your bathroom.


Rain Shower City Singapore provides one-stop supply and installation of the most popular rain shower setsshower sets, and showers with instant water heaters in Singapore. Our shower products comprise many popular brands including GroheHansGroheFidelis, and Rubine. With several years of experience in shower projects, our experienced team of plumbers provides professional & reliable services including rain shower installation/replacementshower set installation/replacement, and shower mixer installation.  Contact us today for quick and reliable rain shower servicesWhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032.


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