Advantages and Disadvantages of Installing a Rain Shower Set

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There is nothing better than having a nice warm shower, especially a rain-like shower. A rain shower set is designed beautifully to help you relax as you stand underneath it and the rain showers upon you. Having a rain shower set not only gives natural and chill water, but it can also be pleasant and warm. 

A rain shower set not only allows you to enjoy a rain-like experience at home, but it also offers several advantages. Moreover, it also needs to be properly installed by plumbing experts who provides rain shower services. Here are the following advantages of installing a rain shower set



Your Showering Experience Are Hands-Free


When you arrive at your home after a long and exhausting day, you do not have the energy to move a single muscle. However, knowing how refreshing a good shower can be, you head towards the bathroom. Your bathing experience can feel more like a chore rather than a pleasurable and relaxing experience when using a handheld shower. When you have a  rain shower set placed, all you have to do is stand under it, switch it on, and enjoy a wonderful rainstorm experience.

Furthermore, if you have family members who have arthritis or shaky hands, a rain shower set will be much easier for them to use rather than a handheld shower. 


It Fully Covers Your Whole Body 


You get soaked from head to toe when it rains. A rain shower set such as the Fidelis Rain Shower Set With Mixer Tap FT-8598 will cover your whole body with a

stream of water that precisely feels like a natural rainfall as it is built to replicate rain. Its rain shower head is larger in diameter to achieve this. To provide you with a relaxing shower experience every time you use it, the showerhead may be 6 to 12 inches in diameter. 


It Gives You Less Shower Time 

One of the common misconceptions about a rain shower set is that you will spend the whole day under the showerhead because it feels good and highly alters rain. It is vital to quickly bathe and get ready to go to work. 

The thing you need to know about shower mixer sets, particularly showerheads, is that they can effortlessly drench your whole body effectively and evenly. A rain shower set can prove to be a great choice. You can bathe in much less time as a result. Since you will take shorter showers, you would not waste as much water. It will automatically reflect in your water bill that it is in fact using less water. 


It Has A More Aesthetic Design 


Another advantage of hiring a plumbing professional for your rain shower set installation is that it looks pleasing. You will notice the quick change to the whole bathroom look as soon as you have replaced your old showerhead with a rain showerhead. Your rain shower set will certainly be the most amazing fixture in your bathroom since it looks modern, sleek, and has a polished chrome finish. 



It Is More Expensive 


The cost of the rain shower set in Singapore can be an issue if you have a limited budget. Rain shower heads are usually expensive therefore people do not consider buying them. Some factors such as the material, quality, etc.  affect the price of installing a rain shower set. However, you can still look through the collections and find something closer to your budget. If there is anything available, then having a little extra spending will eventually prove to be cost-efficient. A little more initial investment is worth it with using a rain shower set as you will save on water bills. 


It Requires to Re-route The Pipes 

The height of the rain shower is its most common problem – this is a factor to consider before engaging in a rain shower set installation. Rain shower heads are typically mounted in the ceiling to enjoy a natural rainfall effect. To make this setup possible, re-routing the pipe is required and it is a challenging procedure. If you do agree to opt for it, you must first ensure that your shower stall ceiling is high enough for a rain shower set installation. The tallest member of your household should have a minimum of a foot clearance when using the showerhead. 


It Caters To a Particular Water Pressure Level 


One more thing to take note of when buying a rain shower set is taking a look if it has been created to fit a particular range of water pressure. People typically use a storage water heater to take warm showers using different kinds of showerheads, specifically a rain shower head. This is because a storage water heater provides better water pressure. 

On the other hand, there are built-in pumps with a specific instant water heater. It is a good option for rain shower heads as the built-in pump intensifies the outgoing water pressure. Whether you select a storage water heater or an instant one, water pressure is important. Investing in a shower with heater is useless if you do not have proper water pressure at home. You will not get to enjoy the kind of experience you are curious about. You must first learn about the water pressure in your household before immediately purchasing a right away.



Having a rain shower set installed in your home allows you a hands-free showering experience, fully covers your whole body, and has an aesthetic design that will make your bathroom look pleasing. However, it certainly costs higher, requires you to reroute pipes, and caters to a certain water pressure level. 

Despite this, the advantages still outweigh the disadvantages. If you wish to install a rain shower set, it is best to acquire rain shower services from Rain Shower City Singapore. They have experienced plumbing professionals who can easily and effectively install your rain shower set, leaving you worry-free. 


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This article was reproduced from Tap Faucet City Singapore.