3 Factors That Affect The Price of Installing a Rain Shower Set

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3 Factors That Affect The Cost of Installing a Rainshower Set

Most family members can have a calming shower after a whole day at the office or just simply after doing a workout routine by installing and replacing taps -such as installing a new rain shower set. Most of them install a rain shower set for the first time in their homes. Moreover, they would prefer to find out the cost needed and plan their funds properly. The following are the main factors that affect the cost of installing a rain shower set:


Rain Shower Set Price


The price of the rain shower will depend on the features of a showerhead, such as its size and material. Shower sets mostly require a different hot and cold water supply, therefore the rain shower with a heater will cost more. Several rain showers have a mixer valve to combine hot and cold water, therefore it will be easy to adjust the desired temperature of the water.

You may consider the Fidelis taps since its price is worth it in regards to the delivery, supply, and installation. On the flip side, several rain showers come with a hand shower with a shower arm, which can be utilized to clean a specific area, this also increases the price of the rain shower.

Additional materials are needed to make rain showers with a larger showerhead, making these more expensive. Do remember that the cost will vary since there are common types of shower heads. A shower tray is useful to keep soap and other bathing supplies, although this is an extra cost. Stainless steel rain shower sets with a chrome finish are usually more durable and costly compared to shower sets using other materials.


Cost of Plumbing


If you choose to opt for a rain shower for your bathroom, it is best to go for the Fidelis Rain Shower Set With Mixer Tap FT-85-98. The delivery and installation for this are worth the value since it has the rain shower water efficiency checked. However, the price of the installation varies on the difficulty of the selected rain shower set.

Another factor to consider before engaging in a rain shower set installation is that the different parts of the rain shower set should fit the ceiling and the walls. The showerhead is generally fitted on the ceiling at the minimum height of seven feet above the floor; this is so tall consumers avoid any challenges using the shower. Appropriate piping connections should be done to the showerhead so that when it is turned on, there will be water flow present from the shower.


Extra Fees for Bathroom Repairs


There are advantages to hiring a plumbing professional for your rain shower set installation. First, they will look through the plumbing system in the bathroom. If there are any issues with the valves or piping, they will have to repair them prior to other work. At times, there might be a plumbing system problem because of sediment and deposits, this causes the rain shower water flow to decrease.

In other cases, the piping and the valves are not made to support the higher water pressure needed by the rain shower or having a shower set replaced. The tiles present might have to be detached to install pipes, valves, and other fittings affixed to the rain shower set, and there will be an additional cost when you replace them.



There are multiple shower sets and rain shower sets available in the market, although keeping in mind some details is vital to help you choose the right one for you. It will also help you determine the cost of installing a rain shower set in Singapore – the rain shower price, cost of plumbing, and bathroom repairs are the factors that will affect it. It is best to engage a plumbing professional from Rain Shower City Singapore to properly install your rain shower set as they are skilled workers who offer other rain shower services.


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