6 Advantages of Hiring Plumbing Professionals For Your Shower/Rain Shower Set Installation

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A lot of homeowners in Singapore spend plenty of money and time finding the best rain shower set for their bathrooms. To save time and money, the homeowner may choose to install the rain shower set by themselves or hire amateurs that offer the lowest price. Although, if not properly installed, the rain shower set may fail to function after a few months or years. It is wiser to hire a qualified plumbing professional for a rain shower set installation as it poses the following benefits:


You Will Save More Time And Money

Most homeowners spend time finding the best way to install a rain shower set since they are not trained and experienced in doing plumbing work. They will also have to invest money to purchase tools and other hardware equipment – a factor that affects the price of installing rain shower sets. These tools are unlikely to be used frequently, making the general cost of the rain shower installation higher. Compared to plumbing professionals, they have already invested in the best equipment and have refined the right method for the installation process. They can give their services at a far lower price, therefore customers can save more time and money.


They Are Professionals With Necessary Experience


Most plumbing professionals go through training and have experience in installing, troubleshooting, and fixing common problems with rain shower sets. Before being certified, they are tested for their knowledge and their skills in several plumbing procedures. Plumbing professionals are very efficient and can perform the installation on different kinds of shower heads quickly without mistakes. This is because they have installed a great number of rain showers. They can also suggest rain shower products that can fit your bathroom.


They Acquire The Latest Plumbing Tools


Hi-tech plumbing equipment has emerged due to technological advances which helped plumbing professionals to accurately locate pipes and valves as well as to quickly install shower sets. Most homeowners cannot afford to buy this equipment for a single plumbing fixture installation as it is usually expensive. Purchasing brand new equipment is practical for plumbing professionals since they are performing a large amount of rain shower set installations. Utilizing hi-tech equipment will help in improving productivity, decreasing the time taken for installation, and allowing them to serve more clients daily.


They Offer Great Comfort

Another factor to consider before engaging in a rain shower installation is that plumbing professionals offer greater convenience which saves you the time and effort. The homeowner simply has to acquire the rain shower product and specify a suitable time to install it based on their availability. The plumbing professional will come to the provided address together with the specific tools, and installation equipment required, and do the work within a few hours or less, depending on the design of the shower. For the client’s assurance about the quality of the installation, they will give a workmanship warranty on the job.


They Ensure Less Leakages


To save some money, homeowners may hire amateurs that offer a low price for the installation or attempt to do it themselves. However, this proved to cost more in the long term as one or more parts of the rain shower set (e.g., Fidelis Rain Shower Set Mixer Tap FT-8598) will start to leak, especially at the pipe connections. Besides water waste, the shower will also be defective and get damaged too soon because of water leaks. With their substantial experience in installing shower sets, plumbing professionals shall discover the best way in installing the shower using high-quality materials. This is to ensure there will be no leak or any damage during the warranty period.


They Provide Emergency Services


The shower may fail to work due to water supply issues or accidents, this can cause an inconvenience to household family members as they do not know how to fix it. Plumbing professionals can offer emergency rain shower services if they have enough staff for it – particularly for showers they have installed. Smaller businesses typically have less staff, thus not having emergency services. This results in homeowners waiting for a couple of days for their shower to get fixed.



Whether you have a normal shower or a rain shower, it is not recommended for homeowners to install their rain shower sets by themselves as it poses more risks than benefits. It is certainly advantageous to hire a plumbing professional from Rain Shower City Singapore for your rain shower set installation. They have the necessary experience, offer convenience, acquire the latest plumbing tools and equipment as well as provide emergency services.


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This article was reproduced from Tap Faucet City Singapore.