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Rain Shower City Singapore provides one-stop supply and installation of the most popular rain shower sets, shower sets, and showers with instant water heaters in Singapore. Our shower products comprise many popular brands including Grohe, HansGrohe, Fidelis, and Rubine. With several years of experience in shower projects, our experienced team of plumbers provides professional & reliable services including rain shower installation/replacement, shower set installation/replacement, and shower mixer installation.  Contact us today for quick and reliable rain shower services, WhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032

Different Types of Shower Sets

Increasingly, homeowners in Singapore are interested in having a shower set installation or replacement done in their home for a relaxing shower, better cleaning, or other reasons. Below are the different types of shower sets you can choose from.

Rain Shower


Rain shower sets are one of the most popular types of showers in Singapore. Some of the reasons why rain shower sets are so popular in Singapore is because the shower water flow is similar to rainfall, resulting in a spa-like relaxing experience.

Hand Shower


Many people taking a shower find that they require water at a higher pressure for better cleaning. In these cases, they will prefer to use a hand shower that has a shower head that is connected to the water supply with a flexible hose. This is one of the main reasons why hand shower sets are so popular in Singapore.

Mixer Shower Set 


Since warm water is more effective in washing away dirt, most families prefer to have a shower mixer installation done. This way, hot and cold water can be mixed to get warm water at the desired temperature.

Power Shower


The effectiveness of a shower for cleaning depends to some extent on the water pressure or flow rate. Thus, if you’re experiencing water pressure or water flow problems, it might be a sign that your shower set is up for replacement. It is advisable to install a power shower that includes a pump to boost the water pressure and flow rate.

After learning about the different types of shower sets, be aware of the benefits of installing a stainless steel shower set.


What Are The Benefits of Installing A Stainless Steel Shower Set?

There are a lot of materials available in the market.  However, if you are only interested in the best products, installing a shower set made of stainless steel will be your best option. This is due to the many benefits of installing a stainless steel shower set.

Clean and Shiny Surface

The surface of a stainless steel rain shower set like the Fidelis Rain Shower Set With Mixer Tap FT-8598 does not have to be plated. Similar to other types of shower taps, you just have to polish its surface every once in a while, and its shine will never fade. 

Low Maintenance


Another advantage of stainless steel is that it is lead-free and environmentally friendly which makes it a healthier choice. Other than that, one thing you should know about shower mixer sets made of stainless steel is that they are easier to maintain than other materials.

Extremely Durable

Since a common problem with shower taps is corrosion, stainless steel is a much better choice, which is known for its durability and strength. The material is abrasion-resistant and also resistant to staining and corrosion. As such, it’s a great choice for bathroom accessories, including shower sets.

Easy Cleaning


Another advantage of hiring a plumbing professional to install your shower set made of stainless steel is the ease of cleaning. You just have to wet a sponge with warm water and then just wipe away the dirt or dust. 

100% Recyclable

One of the great things about a stainless steel shower set like the Fidelis shower set FSS-56305 is that it is completely recyclable. Thus, even after it has been used for a period of time, the material can be recycled to make something new.

Affordable Cost


Stainless steel is a popular metal alloy made from other materials such as nickel, chromium, aluminum, iron, carbon, silicon, and molybdenum, which is cheaper compared to the other alloys. Since stainless steel is less expensive, shower sets made from this material cost a lot less than other materials. 

Once you know the benefits of installing a stainless steel shower set, take note of the signs your shower set is up for replacement.


Signs Your Shower Set is Up for Replacement

Like most other bathroom accessories, the quality and installation of the rain shower set greatly affect its performance and durability. Thus, you may start to notice after a few or more years that their shower might start to be faulty.  Here are some signs your shower set is up for replacement.

Water Leaks


Water should only flow from your rain shower head when it is switched on and there should not be any water flowing. However, most of the time, after being used for several years, your shower head set will start to have leaks after it has been switched off.

Sediment Build-up

Dissolved mineral salts are usually present in the water, and sometimes, they may be muddy. One way to know if you have a faulty rain shower set is if the water flows through at a high-temperature pressure, and some of the impurities are deposited on the inside of the shower head.

Water Temperature Changes Suddenly


In some cases, one or more valves in the rain shower may be malfunctioning even if there are no issues with the water heater. This makes the temperature of the water from your rain shower fluctuate, for some time it is warm and then suddenly changes to cold.

The Appearance of Mold Build-up

In areas with high humidity levels, mold, mildew, and fungi will thrive. These can lead to respiratory problems, allergies, and other health issues which is why it is better and safer in the long run to replace your rain shower set.

Fluctuations in Water Pressure


Sediments, debris, and damaged components can make the water pressure in your shower fluctuate often after being used for several years. With this, it is best to replace your rain shower as soon as possible. However, do take note of the factors to consider before installing a rain shower set for your bathroom.

Now that you know the signs your shower set is up for replacement, learn how to choose the right shower set for your bathroom.


How To Choose The Right Shower Set For Your Bathroom

It’s understandable that everyone wants a shower set installation for their home, but there are a number of factors to keep in mind. Here are some tips for how to choose the right shower set for your bathroom.

Bathroom Layout


The layout of the bathroom is a major factor to consider before engaging in an installation of a rain shower set. If the bathroom is large enough, the layout is less of an issue, and the homeowner is free to install any type of shower he or she wants. 



The homeowner should first determine the total cost of the shower purchase and installation based on their budget. Remember that your budget is one of the biggest factors that affect the cost of your rain shower set installation. Cornered showers or a mix of a bathtub and shower, for example, can cost less than a separate tub and shower.

The Bathroom’s Plumbing System 


The plumbing and heating system, as well as the shower itself, must all be taken into account when selecting the right shower. As a result, if you want to get the best value on a shower head, you need to know your bathroom’s plumbing system inside and out. If you want the greatest deal on a shower set, make sure you know the advantages of hiring plumbing professionals for your shower set installation

Types Of Shower Set Designs


Listed below are some of the most popular shower set designs in Singapore.

Rain Shower 

The shower head of a rain shower set is positioned over the head, and the water pours gently from it like rain falling from the sky. This soothing shower is meant to provide maximum relaxation while also removing grime.  

Hand Shower 

Do you ever wonder why hand shower sets are so popular in Singapore? It has a small shower head that is connected to the water supply through a flexible pipe. 

Mixer Shower Set 

One important thing to know about shower mixer sets is that they rely on a pre-existing hot water supply. As the name implies, a mixer shower blends hot and cold water before it exits your shower head, allowing you to enjoy your shower at your preferred temperature.

Power Shower 

A shower set installation or replacement using power showers will increase the water pressure. Once it’s up and running, it relies on gravity to improve water flow, with some tanks having pumps added to boost pressure even more.

Besides knowing how to choose the right shower set for your bathroom, consider some tips for cleaning and maintaining your shower set.


Tips For Cleaning and Maintaining Your Shower Set

Several years after your shower set installation, water will start to drip slowly. Moreover, the flow rate may start to reduce making for a less than ideal showering experience. Hence, it is important to know the tips for cleaning and maintaining your shower set.

Make Your Own Shower Cleaner


Mineral deposits may develop in the nozzles and the shower head set, reducing water flow from the nozzles. You can clean the deposits by using a bathroom cleaner or a vinegar solution with a scrubber. If there are thicker sediment or mineral deposits, the shower head can be placed in a bag filled with white vinegar overnight. 

Make Sure All Leaks Are Fixed


If there is water leaking from the shower tap, even when it is closed, more water is flowing through the shower than normal. This in turn hastens the build-up of mineral deposits in the nozzles and other parts of the shower – reducing water flow when you use the shower. This is one of the factors to consider before engaging in a rain shower set installation.

Ensure That High-Quality Plumbing Parts Are Used


One of the common misconceptions about rain shower sets is that they do not last long. Just like any other tap, the shower’s lifespan depends largely on the quality of the showerhead and other plumbing components used.



Shower sets have become an essential need in Singapore and come in varying materials and types. Among the different types of shower sets in Singapore are rain shower sets, hand shower sets, mixer shower sets, and power shower sets. There are also stainless steel shower sets whose benefits include a clean and shiny surface, low maintenance, extreme durability, easy cleaning, recyclability, and affordability.

If you are unsure whether you need to install a brand new shower set, there are a number of signs you can take note of. Among them are water leaks, sediment buildup, fluctuating water temperature, mold, and unstable water pressure. Should you feel the need to replace your old black shower set with a more modern one, make sure to consider your bathroom layout, total budget, plumbing system, and your preferred shower set design.

Whether it be a Champs Shower Set or a Fidelis Shower Set, it is vital to clean and maintain it properly. Some well-known tips for cleaning and maintaining a shower set include making your own shower cleaner, making sure all leaks are fixed, ensuring that only high-quality plumbing parts are used, and hiring a professional plumber.

For an efficient and problem-free shower set installation, feel free to contact Rain Shower City Singapore. Our team of experienced and trained professionals can ensure that your shower set is installed in such a way that you can maximize your showering experience and don’t have to worry about any shower set problems. Besides that, they can provide you with other professional services like rain shower set installation and a shower mixer tap installation.


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