3 Factors to Consider Before Engaging in a Rain Shower Set Installation

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After a long day of working, nothing can be as comforting as a pleasant warm shower. Surely nothing can be better when the shower can duplicate rain. Additionally, you will find an installed rain shower set in multiple Singaporean homes, since it rains down water above you. As a matter of fact, it may bring back childhood memories when you can enjoy playing in the rain freely. The best thing about it is that you will not worry about getting a cold and enjoy a warm rain shower. Prior to investing in a shower product such, there are three factors to consider before engaging in a rain shower set installation:


Bathroom Ceiling Space


Your bathroom ceiling should have a fair amount of space to get a rain shower set installation. Compared to a normal shower, a rain shower is much more comprehensive and comes with a larger diameter. Before having to enjoy a rain shower set, you must ensure the shower space in your bathroom has enough room for you to get an appropriate spray of water. When you have a freestanding bath and you are planning to install a rain shower set above it, then you can go for a design that will not spray water all around your bathroom. For this case, you may opt for a smaller one instead of a large shower head set. There are various advantages to hiring plumbing professionals for your rain shower set installation. They can help you select the perfect rain shower set and provide other shower-related services as well.


Outgoing Water Pressure


One of the advantages of installing a rain shower set is that it has been produced for a particular range of water pressure. People mostly use a shower with a heater – specifically a storage water heater whenever they want a warm rain shower.  This is because a storage water heater provides better water pressure. Although, this does not mean you cannot use a tankless or an instant water heater together with your rain shower head. Various tankless water heaters have a good quality that comes with built-in pumps, and they can boost the outgoing pressure, and allow you to have a perfect rain shower experience. One of the common misconceptions about rain shower sets is that it has low water pressure. However, you must keep in mind that a consistent flow of water is required to make the most of your rain shower head. You cannot fully enjoy the benefits of your shower head if the outgoing water pressure is not sufficient.




Another important thing to consider is the factors that affect the cost of installing a rain shower set. Rain shower heads can be quite costly. This can be one of the most expensive upgrades in your bathroom. Nonetheless, it can be worth it since you will be using it daily. Looking through as many rainshower sets as you can is a good idea, you can shortlist the best ones like the Fidelis Rainshower Set FT-8598. Among the rest, choose the one within your budget.



A lot of Singaporean residences have a rain shower set as it gives a relaxing experience whenever they take a shower. You will need to consider some factors before engaging in a rain shower set installation such as the budget, the bathroom ceiling space, and the outgoing water pressure. It is best to acquire rain shower services from Rain Shower City Singapore plumbing professionals as they can properly and effectively install your shower set in no time.


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This article was reproduced from Tap Faucet City Singapore.