Normal Shower vs Rain Shower – Rubine Water Heaters

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When it comes to home appliance brands, Rubine is one of the most popular since their products are designed for Singapore’s weather and living conditions. While Rubine products are excellent and affordable, Rubine water heaters are what most families in Singapore are interested in. Due to its small form factor and energy efficiency, Rubine instant heaters are preferred by smaller families than storage water heaters. If you purchase a Rubine instant water heater you have to engage in a professional rain shower set installation or a shower set installation since this water heater comes with a shower. The Rubine BOW Series combines elegance and functionality that is perfect for any bathroom design, which makes it popular. Some of the most popular showers from this series are the Rubine 1388 Instant Water Heater with the normal shower and the Rubine 2388 Instant Water Heater with the rain shower. Another feature from Rubine water heaters that makes them so popular is the high-quality heating element they use, which is the latest technology in the United Kingdom. This makes sure the water heats up faster, this also ensures that the water heater is of good quality since the heating element is UL-approved.

Rubine showers with instant water heaters have a thermo cut-off feature that will cut off the power when the temperature exceeds the safety limit to ensure that your hot shower is enjoyable and does not go too hot to cause scalding to the skin. Additionally, each heater has a thermostat that you can control depending on your preferred watered temperature.

The water heater will only work when the water pressure is above 20 KPa and can withstand maximum water pressure of 400 kPa. The heater is designed with IP25 protection against water. Rubine water heaters are compact and lightweight making them easy for professionals to install. The brand Rubine guarantees its users have a quality water heater and provides a five-year warranty for the heating element and a one-year warranty for the other parts.


Rubine RWH-1388 Instant Heater 

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The Rubine 1388 instant water heater is your usual instant heater that comes with a normal shower, it has all the basic BOW Series features we discussed above. This water heater is compact and refined and has 2 color options (chrome-finished black or white), perfect for any bathroom decor. One reason why hand shower sets are popular in Singapore is because of their water-saving features like the head of this shower. A mounting kit is provided so that you have the flexibility to adjust the height between 500mm and 600mm when you install it.


Rubine RWH-2388 Instant Heater 


The Rubine 2388 Instant Water Heater, on the other hand, comes enhanced with a rain shower, and a booster pump to increase water pressure. Low water pressure affects the shower’s performance so having a booster pump with it helps you have a comfortable showering experience. Comfort is the main feature of a rain shower, it is also a reason why rain shower sets are popular in Singapore. This instant water heater also comes in black and white color options and offers more features from the series. The RWH-2388 heater offers multiple options, a rain shower, and a hand shower, so you can choose however you want to shower. Located at the top part, the rain shower sports a round showerhead design with a diameter of 205mm while the hand shower has a diameter of 120mm. The showers are connected by a 17mm diameter pipe. The rain shower has a water-saving feature which debunks one of the common misconceptions about rain shower sets. It also has a durable tube connector, and an anti-twist feature, and the diverter can rotate in all directions.


Importance of Booster Pumps

What Is A Water Heater Booster?

There are reasons why your shower set is experiencing low water pressure. It may be due to water supply-related issues. You might notice that your water heater is not supplying enough hot water which makes you adjust the heater settings often, thus taking up your time. A booster pump increases the water pressure, so buying and installing a new instant water heater with a booster pump is what you need. The Rubine RWH-2388 is the only one that has a booster pump.



  • It consumes less electricity, so it improves the energy efficiency of the water heater.
  • Cold water will not be wasted since hot water is always available, which saves you water.
  • The booster pump ensures that you always have a hot water supply.


Your Shower Choice


Installing a water heater to a normal shower is relatively simple. Normal showers also have a higher water pressure so it is the best option for cleaning. A rain shower on the other hand, has low water pressure which makes showering more relaxing. A lot of factors affect the price of installing a rain shower set, so it can be expensive and complicated.

There are also shower sets that offer multiple shower options for families that prefer both a normal and a rain shower. If they have the budget for it, this is the best option for them.




Their BOW series instant heaters are designed to be both compact and elegant to fit any bathroom decor. They also have great water heater features. The RWH-1388 and RWH-2388 differ mainly in the shower type. They both are comparably efficient. Rain shower sets may show common issues to homeowners, like low water pressure. That is why they also come with a booster pump that helps improve water pressure, at the same time conserves water and makes sure you always have enough hot water supply. Give us a call at Rain Shower City Singapore if you are interested in purchasing a Rubine BOW Series water heater. We have expert plumbers that can perform a shower set installation for you perfectly.


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