10 Reasons Why Your Shower Set Is Experiencing Low Water Pressure

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When you get back home after a long day, the one thing that you really look forward to is a nice relaxing shower using your shower set. You straight away head to your bathroom and are all ready to get rejuvenated. Once you turn the shower on however, you notice that the shower set’s water pressure is extremely low. With such low water pressure, you certainly cannot enjoy a nice shower.

Fortunately, you need not worry as a professional rain shower service can fix this issue. You might be needing a new shower set installation or replacement. Before that however, you need to understand what is causing the low water pressure issues. Get to discover ten reasons why your shower set can be experiencing low water pressure.


Clogged Shower Head


After you have used your shower set for quite a while, debris can start collecting within the little holes of the showerhead and disrupt or block the flow of water. Due to this, you need to be knowledgeable about the tips for cleaning and maintaining your shower set.

In order to get rid of this buildup, you need to place the shower head set in a bowl filled with vinegar and let it stay that way overnight. Afterward, you can eliminate any sediment that may still be present in the showerhead holes with the help of a small tool, poke, or brush. Should this fail to work, opt for a shower head replacement instead.


Worn-Out Mixing Valve


If your tub or shower has a single-handle faucet, it might have an internal part known as a mixing valve. This valve has control over the amount of cold and hot water that is sent to your shower head. The water pressure or temperature might be messed up if this mixing valve is worn out. It is not easy to access and replace the mixing valve, so it will be best to instead know the advantages of hiring plumbing professionals for your shower set installation.

Each of our experts at Rain Shower City Singapore is well-trained and highly experienced. We have installed various types of shower sets in many homes in Singapore. Furthermore, if you face any issues with your shower set, we can solve them for you as well.


Damaged Water Pressure Regulator

The regulator’s task is to help keep the water pressure range in your home within safe limits. However, the regulator can get damaged eventually and the shower water pressure can then become very high or low. This is one of the signs that your shower set is up for replacement.

Normally, you will find the water pressure regulator on your water supply line. If you see it is damaged and has to be replaced, contact a professional plumber immediately. 


Closed Valve

A closed valve is one of the many common issues homeowners face with rain shower sets. You will find many valves present throughout the plumbing system. If any of these valves are partially closed, then your shower set in Singapore can experience a low water pressure issue. When this happens, you need to check if the main shut-off valve, water meter valve, and even each of the inline valves are completely open. If you still experience low water pressure, then the problem can be something else.


Water Heater Issues


If it is only when you turn on the hot water that you experience a low water pressure problem, then your shower with heater may be the reason behind it. In that case, you need to hire a plumber to find out if the heater can be fixed or if it has to be replaced.


Corroding or Leaking Pipes


Old pipes, particularly those that were crafted using metal, can rust or corrode from within. If foreign materials have been collected in the water supply pipe, they can come in the way of the flow of water to your shower set. Similarly, if there is any little leak anywhere in your plumbing, then you can start experiencing low water pressure issues. This is an important tip to remember when purchasing the best shower head for your home. 


Blocked Pipes


A clogged water pipe is one of the most common reasons for low water pressure in homes. Clogs in pipes may be caused by impediments of any size that are preventing waste products and water from flowing freely. You should get a professional plumber to detect the obstruction in your sewage lines, since this may be dangerous work to do yourself.


Water Leaks

Low water pressure in your shower set can also be a result of leaks in plumbing. You may not be noticing any leaks close to your shower. Even then, a low water pressure issue can occur because of some minor leaks in some other pipes or a bigger leak in the plumbing system.


Faulty or Old Shower Set


With some of the common types of shower heads in Singapore, you will be able to enjoy different water pressure levels and water flow. Some homeowners however may have received a faulty product or maybe the pressure regularity is broken. When this happens, it will be best to have a shower set replacement performed.

In case you have an old shower set, it may not offer you the kind of water pressure that you want. In such a situation, it will be best to update to a modern water saving shower set. One of the benefits of installing a water saving shower head is it makes use of air to ensure firm water pressure with less water compared to standard showerheads.


Water Pressure Issues For Residents of HDB or Condo Buildings

If you live in an HDB flat or condo building and are facing low water pressure issues, then it will be best to first find out if the neighbors on the same floor are also facing a similar problem. This will help you confirm if the issue is with the water tank pipes/pumps or if something is wrong with only your unit.

In case your neighbors are also experiencing the same problem, then most likely it is because of water tank pipes/pumps. In such an event, it would be best to reach out to your HDB or condominium administration for this issue. You can also call the PUB hotline for assistance. If the situation still does not improve much, you can invest in better quality high-pressure shower products.


Call a Skilled Plumber To Address The Issue

In most cases, a shower set with low water pressure is best handled by a professional. You need a reputable, professional, and reliable individual to do the job. These are some of the factors to think about before engaging in a rain shower set installation. Rain Shower City Singapore can prove to be your best bet here. 

Our plumbers are experienced, well-trained, and have all the skills that are required for shower set replacement, installation, and also to solve issues relating to shower sets. We offer the best shower services you can expect and be sure it will be well within your budget too. We also make sure to always be transparent and let you know the different factors that affect the price of your rain shower installation.



Are you experiencing low pressure with your shower set? You won’t be able to take a pleasant shower with such little water pressure. You must figure out what is causing it. Some reasons why shower sets have low pressure is because they are clogged or have damaged regulators. It might also be due to a closed valve, water heater issues, corroding pipes, and water leaks. At other times, it might just be the result of wear and tear. Your shower might even be too old and faulty and needs a replacement. 

Make a call to the building management if you reside in an HDB flat or condo. If you want expert assistance, you should always contact a reputable plumber. Professional, well-trained, and equipped, the plumbers at Rain Shower City Singapore are able to install and replace most shower set types. We only provide the best services possible, and you can rest assured that they will be well within your budget.


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