8 Tips to Remember When Purchasing the Best Shower Head for Your Home

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You are likely to purchase a shower head without giving it much thought. However, when you start using your shower head and face issues, you realize that it would have been better if you had invested a little bit more time and have been more careful when making your purchase. A shower head set is not any fixture but something that will allow you to enjoy years of amazing showering experience and help make you feel refreshed. Since it does such an amazing job, it certainly deserves attention. Therefore, if you indeed want to buy the best shower headset, the 8 tips shared below will prove to be of great help.

Decide which shower head you need


First and foremost, you need to understand what type of shower head you need. There are five common types of shower heads for you to choose from such as fixed shower head, handheld shower head, and dual shower head. However, you may also opt for overhead rain shower heads or handheld shower heads. Specific shower panels even are a combination of various kinds of shower heads. If you want to enjoy every type of shower, this combination is perfect for you.


Determine your budget


One of the factors to consider when choosing the best shower head is your budget. This will help prevent overspending and even narrow down your options. As there will be shower heads in various price ranges, it will become difficult to resist spending more than you can if you have not decided on a budget.


Know your preferred brand

You need to give importance to a shower set brand because it is popular but also because it has built a reputation after offering the best products over the years. If you select a brand wisely, you will enjoy an amazing experience. When selecting a brand, the budget can be a problem for some. However, there are many brands that offer great shower heads in Singapore at affordable prices. There are several brands of shower heads models to choose from such as the Fidelis Shower Set FSS- 56305.


Read online reviews


It is essential to go through shower head reviews when planning to purchase one. This gives you an understanding of the efficiency and durability of the model you intend to purchase. Similarly, after purchasing and you want to engage shower head or shower set installation services, it is best to read online reviews before engaging them.


Match your home’s water pressure


You have to give importance to the water pressure that the model you have selected supports and the water pressure at your house. Shower set products come with different shower heads which will require different kinds of water pressure for you to enjoy the best experience. If you want to make the most of the model you are purchasing, do not forget to match the water pressure. If you require assistance in choosing the right shower head for you, contact a professional plumber with rain shower set services.


Check the water efficiency


If you are worried about how much water your shower head will use, its energy requirements must be considered. Usually, most models use about 2 GPM of water. You may even check the efficiency level mentioned on the product that serves as that model’s proof of efficiency. There are water saving shower head models available in the market and one of the benefits of installing a water saving shower head is that it uses less water which can help lower your monthly utility bills.  However, there are specific showerheads that have a wider surface area and use too much water each session. These types of models are best avoided.


Consider your existing decors and fittings

It is also essential to consider your bathroom’s existing fittings and decor before purchasing a shower head in Singapore. You get shower heads in many finishes and designs, so you have the liberty to opt for a model that blends best with the fittings you presently have. You can select from brushed nickel finish, chrome finish, stainless steel finish, and many more. After purchasing and you require assistance installing them, there are factors to consider before engaging in a rain shower set installation.


Order only from reputable sources like Rain Shower City

Lastly, it is recommended that you order your shower head only from a reputable source like Rain Shower City Singapore. We offer different types of shower heads only from the best brands. Since we understand that different people have different budgets, we have options to match the needs of one and all. While we have the best range of shower heads for you to select, we also offer installation and replacement services. Each of our professionals is well-trained and highly experienced to help you choose and install your desired shower head for your bathroom.



If you are looking to buy a shower head for your bathroom, mentioned above are eight tips to remember. These include deciding what shower head you need, determining your budget, knowing your preferred brand, reading online reviews, and checking your water pressure. After choosing your preferred shower head and if you require assistance in installing them, engage professional plumbing services with shower set services. They can help supply and install your shower head efficiently and properly.


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