5 Common Issues Homeowners Face With Rain Shower Sets

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Many homeowners in Singapore are interested in installing a rain shower set so that they can enjoy a spa-like shower in their home. Like every other bathroom fixture, the rain shower set has a limited lifespan and it depends on how well it is maintained.

Even if the homeowner will install the best rain shower set in Singapore, they are likely to face some problems. Some of these problems can be resolved by family members, while other problems require a plumbing professional to be contacted. Here are the common issues homeowners face with rain shower sets:  


Clogged Shower Head


Since warm water flows through the shower head at high pressure, over time mineral deposits are usually formed inside the shower head. Additionally, some of the dirt and grime from the body and soap used for cleaning may also enter the shower head that clogs the nozzles, reducing the flow of water from the shower head. 

Depending on the design of the common type of showerhead and the extent of clogging, the cleaning technique will differ. If the shower head is detachable, it can be removed and immersed in a solution of vinegar and water for some time.

Usually, most of the salts and dirt will dissolve or become loose so that they can be washed away. In other cases, a toothpick, a thin stick, or other items can be used to remove any dirt clogging the nozzles – a tip for cleaning and maintaining your shower set


Low Water Pressure


A disadvantage of installing a rain shower set is that it can wash away the grime properly only if the water pressure is adequate. Therefore, if there is less water pressure, it will take longer to take a shower and clean properly. There are different reasons why the water pressure is low, and sometimes it can be a sign your shower set is up for replacement

In some cases, water is being supplied to the home at low pressure due to the location of the house, especially on the top floors. In other cases, there may be a problem with the piping. The pipes may be rusted, mineral deposits have reduced the flow of the water in the pipe, or the incorrect size of the pipe or other component is installed. Also, in some cases, one or more valves are completely or partially closed which reduces the flow of water. The family can check the pipe and valves, and fix the problem if possible. 


Rattling Pipes

The density of hot water and cold water will differ, and when they are flowing in the same pipe, a noise will be heard as they flow through the pipe. The problem can be reduced to some extent by adjusting the mixer valve. However, the user has to be careful while changing the mixer valve settings, since hot water can scald the skin causing injuries and burns. 


Producing Odd Noises

In some cases, the pipe is not fixed properly or has become loose after some time. If the water pressure is high, the increased force on the walls may make the pipe loose. Often due to vibration or other reasons, the fittings, plumbing fixture, other components in the valves, shower head set, and plumbing system will become loose. 

Inspection of the plumbing system will usually help detect if any component is loose, or screws or nails are missing. The loose components can be tightened, and new screws or nails can be used to fix the plumbing fixtures correctly. This can be a way to make your rain shower set last longer.


Water Leaks


One of the more frequent problems for a rain shower set and a regular shower set is that water is leaking from the shower set even if the shower is not being used. Typically, the shower has o-rings, gaskets, and seals to form a water-tight connection, so that no water is leaking. After the shower has been used for several months or years, these gaskets, o-rings, and similar components are available at a low cost. 

An important factor to consider before engaging in a rain shower set installation is to ensure the right replacement component is installed. Hence, it is advisable to hire an experienced plumbing professional to fix water leaks by replacing damaged components. 


Many Singaporean homeowners are interested in installing a rain shower set at home. However, like any plumbing fixture, there will come a time that it will reach its lifespan or develop problems. It will still depend on how well it is maintained. Some common issues homeowners face with rain showers sets include water leaks, rattling pipes, low water pressure, a clogged shower head, and producing odd noises. 

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