3 Ways To Make Your Rain Shower Set Last Longer

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Many homeowners in Singapore prefer to install a rain shower set in their home for a relaxing and spa-like shower experience. Like all other bathroom fixtures, the rain shower set in Singapore has a limited lifespan depending on different factors. Before purchasing and installing a shower set, homeowners would like to find out the typical lifespan of a rain shower set and what they can do to prolong its lifespan. Hence, this information on rain-shower sets is compiled below.


How Long Do Rain Shower Sets Last?


One of the common misconceptions about rain shower sets is that they do not last long. Well, the life of a rain shower set will vary depending on factors such as the set quality, frequency of usage, maintenance, water quality, and weather con. Typically, a shower will take eight to ten minutes. Depending on the number of family members using the shower, the time for which the rain shower will be used will increase. Usually, if the rain shower is used daily, a good quality rain shower will last for 5-10 years. Rain showers that are not used may last for several decades. If hard water is used for the rain shower, deposits will be formed in the rain shower. A common issue homeowners face with rain shower sets is clogged shower head, which will affect the flow of water, and in some cases, damage the rain shower components, so a replacement may be required.

Similarly, if the rain shower is not properly maintained, its lifespan will be reduced. Property owners should be aware that manufacturers often innovate to develop new rain shower models to improve efficiency. Therefore, many property owners are replacing their rain shower sets that are functioning properly to reduce water wastage.


How To Extend Your Rain Shower’s Lifespan

Since installing or replacing the rain shower set is time-consuming and expensive, most property owners would like to ensure that the rain shower can be used for the longest possible time. Some tips to extend the lifespan of the rain shower are listed below.

Clean Your Rain Shower Set Regularly

Like all bathroom fixtures, the rain shower will become dirty since soap, dust, grime, and other deposits will be formed during the rain shower. Hence, it is essential to clean your rain shower set regularly.  Depending on the frequency of usage and family size, the shower set should be cleaned periodically or twice a month. If hard water is being used, the cleaning frequency may have to be increased. Additionally, if you are looking to install a rain shower in your bathroom, it is recommended to engage plumbing professionals.  One of the advantages of hiring plumbing professionals for your rain shower set installation is to avoid future repairs.

Shower Head


Since warm water flows out of the shower head at high pressure, mineral deposits may form in the showerhead, which reduces the flow and pressure of water. There are common types of shower heads and depending on their design, the cleaning technique of the showerhead may vary. Some shower heads are detachable, so a tip for cleaning and maintaining your shower set is that the shower head can be removed and soaked in a soap or vinegar solution to remove all the dirt.

In other cases, a toothpick can be used to remove the dirt and grime from the inlets and outlets of the shower head.

Shower Tap


Similarly, the shower tap should be wiped clean with a cloth if it is wet or dirty. It will be more challenging to remove the dirt if it dries on the tap surface.


Purchase A High Quality Rain Shower Set

The life of a shower set depends mainly on the design of the shower set and the materials used. Most of the top rain shower set brands manufacturing bathroom fittings like rain showers invest a lot in research to develop durable and easy-to-use rain showers. A rain shower set such as the Fidelis Rain Shower Set With Mixer Tap FT-8598 will be the best option if you want a quality and efficient rain shower. They are also using the best quality raw material available for manufacturing strong rain-showers and will not be easily damaged. The warranty offered on the rain shower set indicates the quality of the rain shower, and better quality rain showers have a warranty of three to five years.


Make Sure All Leaks Are Quickly Resolved

Though fixing a water leak is time-consuming and tedious, property owners should be aware that it is advisable to fix the leakage at the earliest. In addition to water being wasted due to the leakage, the humidity levels will increase, resulting in the growth of mold. The continuously leaking water could also cause corrosion of the components in the rain shower and plumbing system.



A rain shower set can make any home feel luxurious. That is why homeowners prefer to install them in their homes. Like all other rain shower products, the rain shower set has a limited lifespan depending on different factors. There are ways to make your rain shower set last longer, such as cleaning your rain shower set regularly, purchasing a high-quality rain shower set, and hiring a professional rain shower service for further assistance.


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