Differences Between A Rain Shower Set and A Regular Shower Set

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If you love the rain, then you would surely love the thought of having a rain shower set installed in your bathroom. You must have other thoughts in your mind such as – can a rainshower set let you enjoy a rain-like experience? How is a rain shower head different from a normal shower set installation? Do you need help selecting the right rainshower set for you? There are definitely differences between a normal shower set and a rain shower set that we shall learn right away.


Shower Head Size


Rainshower heads, also called rain heads, are wider compared to the normal showerhead. This is because they hang directly above you and offer a gentler shower. These are possible things to consider before engaging in a rain shower set installation. A regular showerhead, on the other hand, is placed at a certain angle from the wall and will not offer you the luxurious feel that a rain shower head can give. A rain shower set will certainly allow you to enjoy the feeling of showering in the rain.


Height and Width

Other than choosing a faucet for your bathroom, opt to invest in a rain shower set. However, before buying one, you have to make sure your shower has enough space for it. Rainshower heads need a wider area compared to a normal shower head set. If you have a very small bathtub then there will be chances of you experiencing a flood each time you shower. Furthermore, rain shower heads are usually fitted horizontally and stream water down, whereas a normal showerhead shower sprays water outward. One of 3 factors that affect the price of Installing a rain shower set is that you will need to invest in some new hardware to be able to attach your new showerhead at a 90-degree angle. This will somewhat help lower your showerhead, so make sure there is enough space for you to stand underneath comfortably and enjoy a pleasant shower. Finding the right angle and fitting your new showerhead the right way is not easy.

If you want perfect results, then instead of trying to do it on your own, get a plumbing professional. The benefit of engaging with them to install your rain shower set is they have years of experience and have already installed showerheads in many homes in Singapore. They will understand your requirements, check the available space in your bathroom, and suggest the best showerhead for you. They will even install your new showerhead perfectly. If you face other issues like a leaking tap, they can fix that as well.



Water Pressure


A lot of people think that a rain shower set will not offer them the same kind of water pressure that they enjoy using a normal shower set. This is one of the common misconceptions about rainshower sets. While it is true that the rain shower heads are different, they can offer you a shower pressure high enough for you to get properly clean. Many also come in hand-held and adjustable models that allow you to enjoy a more controlled showering experience.


Price Range

Many people stay away from a rain shower head because of its price. However, in the long run, your rain showerhead will prove to be worth it. Most people who have switched to opting for a shower with heater and rain shower sets love it and prefer using it. Moreover, there are also some economical options you can choose from.


Selecting the Best Shower Set Type for Your Bathroom 


Now that we have learned a bit about both showerheads, we also understand that both of them have their share of advantages. The question is which shower set will be more ideal for your bathroom? If you have a gorgeous, glass-door, and a custom shower, then a rain shower set will be a perfect addition.

Also, this type of showerhead will make a good choice if you prefer taking relaxing and longer showers. However, if you enjoy high water pressure showers that make cleaning off easier and even offer a gentle massage, a normal showerhead will be ideal for you. This can help serve as a tap and faucet buying guide.

Plumbing professionals from Rain Shower City Singapore can also help you decide on a suitable shower set for your bathroom. They also offer other services such as shower mixer installation and provide solutions to common issues with shower taps/faucets.



If you are thinking of installing a shower set and cannot decide between a normal shower set or a rain shower set, knowing their differences can help you make a wise choice. You consider factors such as its size, price, water pressure, width, and height. It is better to seek the help of professional plumbers like Rain Shower City Singapore as they can help to recommend which is more suitable for your bathroom.


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This article was reproduced from Faucet City Singapore.