6 Reasons Why Rain Shower Sets Are Popular in Singapore

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After a hard day at work, the one thing that can make you feel incredibly relaxed is a nice shower. If this shower can give you the feeling of getting drenched in the rain, then the better. Well, this is exactly what a rain shower set feels like and what it is designed to mimic. It is usually bigger than a typical showerhead, and it allows you to enjoy the experience of showering in the rain. 

Many homes in Singapore have already got a rain shower set installation in their bathroom, and they absolutely love it. Here are the various reasons why rain shower sets are popular in Singapore:


It Has a Stylish Design


Do you want your bathroom to look stylish and want all your guests to be impressed? Well then, the rain shower set can help you achieve the same. 

If your good quality rain shower product is installed in a properly decorated bathroom, then it is sure to attract the attention of everyone. Not only will it help make your bathroom look more attractive, but also seem more expensive than it really is. 


It Is Made of High Quality Material


Most common types of shower heads, specifically rain shower heads, are designed using metallic materials which are durable and at the same time, help give your bathroom a sleek and elegant finish. Some common materials used include bronze, chrome, and nickel. 

A golden shower head set is also an option for those who are ready to spend any amount. It looks beautiful, is of high quality, and also durable. 


It Is Highly Relaxing

Another reason behind the popularity of rain shower sets in Singapore is the way it can help you feel relaxed. Once you start taking a shower using a rain shower set, you will understand what you have been missing out on for so long. 

Each time you take a shower, you will feel like you have just come out of a spa. Considering the highly stressful lives that most people lead, if you can get the experience of a spa at home every day, certainly you will love every bit of it. Also, the sound of rain that the shower imitates will make your experience even more relaxing. These are the advantages of installing a rain shower set


It Can Regulate Water Intensity


If you are feeling extremely tired and want to get a nice massage, then installing a rain shower set can allow you to enjoy this as well. 

The sophisticated rain shower heads can help regulate the intensity of water, and you can choose anything from moderate to hard, and even fast drops. Now, remember this feature can be different in various shower heads, and this is a factor to consider when choosing the best shower head. Make sure you learn more about it before investing in one. 


It Provides Full Body Coverage

When using a normal showerhead, you have to keep turning your body to rinse properly. However, if you choose a rain shower set, then things will be different. The difference between a rain shower set and a normal shower set is the position, width, and steady stream that a rain shower head offers will cover your entire body at once. 

When it comes to superior coverage, then certainly, a rain shower head is your best bet. Once you have had an experience of drenching under a rain shower head, then you surely will not want to get back to using the traditional one. 


It Is Easy to Maintain


One more reason behind the popularity of rain shower sets in Singapore is easy maintenance. Even if the water in your area is hard, you still do not have anything to worry about. 

The manufacturers are aware of the common issues homeowners face with rain shower sets, thus they incorporate silicone rubber nozzles in the showerhead, which makes mineral deposit removal easier. Although, regular maintenance is necessary if you want your showerhead to last you for a long time. 

If you want the best maintenance services, then Rain Shower City Singapore experts are here to your rescue. No matter what issue with your rain shower set, they can solve that for you in no time. Also, regardless of what type of shower set you choose, they can install that quickly and perfectly as well. 



Nothing is better than having a nice shower after a long hard day at work. That is why most Singaporeans install a rain shower set in their homes as it allows them to experience showering in the rain, and gives an amazing spa-like sensation. Besides that, a rain shower set has a stylish design, has easy maintenance, and is made of high-quality material. 

These are just some of the reasons why rain shower sets are popular in Singapore. It is recommended to avail rain shower services from a Rain Shower City Singapore plumbing professional. They are experts who can install your rain shower set perfectly in no time. They also offer shower set installation/replacement as well as shower mixer installation


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