5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Existing Shower Head

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Once you have installed your shower head set, most homeowners do not give any attention to it and are of the notion that it will last forever. Now what you are thinking is wrong.

You are not even aware of how many issues might be lurking within your shower head already. It is only after the shower set installation that something goes wrong. Now you realize that it is time for a replacement. Therefore, it would be wise not to wait for things to go beyond control and instead look for these five signs that suggest it is time to replace your shower head.


Leaking Showerhead


Depending on the showerhead you have, you may find it leaking in the shower head itself, at the shower hose, or maybe the shower handle. You should first identify the source of the leak. For example, if you find it leaking at the arm connection where it gets attached to the shower head, then perhaps just tightening it up there can help. However, if the arm connection itself falls off or your shower head drips or leaks, then you will have to get your rain shower set replaced.


Changing Water Pressure


If the water pressure has been reduced, this is another sign that should not be ignored. Has the water pressure become weaker or is it due to other factors such as a fluctuation, blasting water at times, and then suddenly only starting to trickle? The change in water pressure can be because your shower head has loosened, and just tightening it can help. It can also be because the shower head has worn out due to regular use. Thus, this is a sign your shower set is up for replacement.


Mold Growth


Since your shower head is always in contact with moisture, mold can quickly grow on them. Mold exposure can pave the way to various problems, including skin rashes and breathing issues. For molds to not grow, you have to clean your shower head. One of the tips for cleaning and maintaining your shower set is to keep your shower area clean and use your shower head to clean the area.

If anyone in your home has immune problems, they can even develop fungal infections because of the mold. Yes, you may use a mold cleaner, but a much safer, wiser, and even cheaper option will be to get a new shower head installed. Certain molds, like black mold, can be difficult even for a professional to remove. If you require assistance in replacing your shower head, contact a professional plumber with rain shower set services.


Sediment Buildup

At times, the water that flows into your home is full of additives and chemicals. Whether you have the common type of shower head, hard water can be expected. This sediment can make it difficult for water to flow through easily. If you do not give attention to this problem, it can keep building until it is difficult to clean. Furthermore, it can even let bacteria collect in your shower head.

To avoid such problems, you can hire our rain shower experts for regular maintenance. Our experts shall visit your home regularly and look for any potential problems, be it sediment build-up, or signs of mold development in your shower set products, then the problem shall be corrected on time. You will not have to worry about replacing your existing shower head anytime soon. If the issue is already big and out of hand, then our experts shall recommend a replacement. There are several benefits of installing a stainless steel shower set such as low maintenance, extremely durable, and an easier cleaning experience.


Outdated Showerhead


One tip to remember when purchasing the best shower head for your home is to choose a shower set that compliments your home. Replacing your old shower head with a new one can improve your shower experience, and you will be surprised at how amazingly it helps make your entire bathroom look a lot more stylish.


Replacing your shower head is an excellent way to improve the clarity and flow of your water and for a better cleaning experience. After installing a shower head, you must clean it regularly to avoid molds and sediment build-up. It would be wise not to wait for things to go beyond control and instead look for these five signs that suggest it is time for a shower head replacement. One of the advantages of hiring a plumbing professional for your shower is that you can guarantee an excellent result. It is recommended to contact a plumbing professional like Rain Shower City Singapore to help you install your new shower head.


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