4 Benefits Of Using A Shower Mixer Set

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Almost all people prefer taking a nice warm shower mainly because it is more effective in cleaning and washing away dirt after a long tiring day. Adjusting the water heater temperature may not be the easiest, which is why homeowners prefer installing a shower mixer. There are valves inside the shower mixer set that allows the user to adjust the hot and cold water based on their temperature preference. The benefits of installing shower mixer sets are mentioned below for homeowners who are currently deciding on what mixer set to choose for their shower.


Controlling Water Temperature


One of the things you need to know about shower mixer sets is that the user can easily adjust their desired water temperature. The user has the option to adjust the cold and hot water or they can set their preferred water temperature. This method is easier and safer for children and senior citizens compared to other methods of adjusting water temperature because once the desired temperature is reached, there are no additional adjustments needed.


Better Flow Rate


Homeowners with no shower mixer have to manually switch from cold water to hot water or vice versa, because of this the water flow for some time might get interrupted. While for rain showers with a mixer tap like the Fidelis Rain Shower Set With Mixer Tap FT-8598, when users adjust the hot and cold water the water flow rate remains the same once turned on. The settings will remain until the shower is turned off. In other words, the water flow rate is consistent when you decide to go with shower mixer set.


They Are Enhanced


Basic mixer taps are installed to combine the hot and cold water, so that warm water at the desired temperature flows out through the tap. A shower mixer tap (e.g. Fidelis One-way Shower Mixer Tap FT-8203) is an enhanced version of the mixer tap installed in the bathroom because water flows through the shower head, rather than a faucet or a tap. In some cases, the shower head is connected to a flexible hose, while in other cases, a switch can be used to transfer warm water from the mixer tap to the shower. The other factors to consider when choosing the right shower mixer set is your budget and available space in the bathroom. Thus, you can choose from different mixer sets available.


Water Saving

Often the user will manually fill more hot water and then require a larger volume of cold water to get the desired water temperature. In contrast, users can easily adjust the ratio of hot and cold water using the tap to get enough warm water for a shower, without further manual adjustments once the preferred setting is. Usually to reduce energy consumption, less hot water is used. Remember that if your shower mixer set is intermittently running hot and cold water then this is the time when you should replace your shower mixer set.



Regardless of what shower mixer tap product you choose, they all have different benefits to offer to its users like adjusting to your desired water temperature, and having a better flow rate for your shower. Other than that, it can also help save water so you do not need to be worried about your monthly water bill. If you have now decided to purchase a shower mixer set, it is best to hire a professional. Contact Rain Shower City Singapore, and they will help you with your shower mixer tap installation needs.


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