7 Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Shower Mixer Set

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During winter, people prefer to shower with warm water, while in the summertime, some people prefer to shower with cold water. Therefore, more and more owners prefer to install shower set with mixer because they can easily adjust the water temperature. The number of households opting for a shower mixer set installation has increased rapidly over the past decade, so there is a wide variety of mixer set to choose from. For the convenience of homeowners looking to install a bath shower mixer set, here are some of the most important factors to consider before making a decision.


Flow Rate/Power Capacity


One benefit of using a shower mixer set is that each valve is designed to handle a certain flow rate, and the material and size of the valve are selected accordingly. The design of the mixer also determines the maximum water pressure it can handle over a period of time. Although the water pressure supplied to a home will vary, most shower manufacturers will specify that the shower will only function properly when the pressure is above a certain value. Therefore, it is recommended to ensure that the power capacity of the mixer is sufficient so that it can supply water to the shower head at the required pressure and flow rate.



Although they were expensive when they first hit the market, the average price of shower mixer tap has dropped significantly. The price of a shower mixer depends on different factors like design, materials used, quality, warranty offered, and brand. So before buying a mixer, the buyer should determine his budget and how many shower mixer he can afford. In addition to the cost of the mixer, he also considers the cost of installation, which in some cases may be more expensive.


Availability of Parts

If the components of your shower mixer taps are of low quality, then it is likely to get damaged in a few months or years. This is when you should replace your shower mixer sets. Hence the buyer should check the availability of spare parts before purchasing the shower mixer. It is advisable to buy a shower mixer from a well-known shower product brand that has been selling mixer sets and other bathroom fixtures for at least a decade. Although well-known brands of shower mixer may charge more, servicing these shower faucets is often easier than with lesser-known brands of shower faucets.




When you notice your mixer set is up for replacement or any plumbing fixtures need a repair, it is tedious and time-consuming, so homeowners want to buy mixers that are durable and do not require frequent maintenance. Most manufacturers will specify the life span of the mixer, so that the buyer can compare with other brands. Usually more expensive mixer sets from well-known brands such as Fidelis, Grohe and Rubine, are more durable because they have better designs and use high-quality raw materials. The warranty offered on the mixer set is also an indication of the durability.




While most buyers don’t realize this, one of the considerations when choosing a mixer is its ease of shower set installation as it affects installation time and cost. Some of the mixers can be easily installed, without making major changes in the plumbing system, while expensive modifications may be required for installing other mixers.


Special Features

Homeowners can purchase shower mixers with different functions to adjust the water temperature if they like. Some mixers ensure that the water pressure and temperature will be the same after it is set. While with other mixers, it may increase or decrease gradually.


Meets Shower Mixer Set Needs

There are things you need to know about shower mixer set like it comes in different designs, and it should be compatible with the installed shower. While older homes have cheaper manual showers, newer homes have thermostatic shower mixers, which automatically adjust the temperature and pressure of the water for a steady flow. Digital mixers use sensors and displays to adjust the displayed water temperature, while smart mixer showers can be controlled remotely using smartphones and other wireless systems.

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There are factors to consider before purchasing a shower mixer set like, its flow rate/power capacity, its price, availability of its parts and durability. You should also know if your preferred mixer is easy to install, what are its special features, if it is compatible with your current installed shower set, and who to contact for the installation. With all of that in mind, you need help from a professional. Rain Shower City has various of shower mixer set to offer and they are trained to install it efficiently and effectively.


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